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Girl friends dad needs prayer.

Hi Folks,

Please pray for my girl friends father, he has heart disease, and he is very ill. He is not a born again Christian but he is interested and prays when he is very ill. He tends to forget about the Lord when he is feeling alright though. This time he might not make it. My girl friend is a Christian but all her family aren't and are opposed to her witness so please pray for her too.


Thanks Folks your a blessing.
Dear God I am coming to you in prayer to ask that you will touch this family in a strong way . That they will allow this mans daughter to wittness to him of your awesome love and forgivness before its to late . So he will come to you of his own accord and recieve your salvation. I ask this in Jesus's Holy name. Amen
Dear Dad, my brother in christ has a problem. His girlfriend, our sister, has an ill father whom you know best. Lord please give this girl guidence and strength to witness to her father Lord and her family for that matter for many hands gathing to pray brings more power from you lord to the situation. I Thank you we can ask for your help today and Thank you we can come to you in any and all situations. Please be with this family and for all who are involved. In your most holy precious name i Pray Jesus. AMEN!

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