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Ghost pictures

Discussion in 'Jokes & Bible Trivia' started by B-A-C, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. There was a ghost in an old castle. For years people tried to get a picture of it.
    But the ghost was too sneaky, too fast. No one could ever get a picture of it.
    Finally one day a famous photographer came to the castle. He talked the ghost
    into letting him take a picture of him. The ghost, said OK on one condition. You only get one
    chance. I'm only going to sit still and pose just this one time. Don't ever ask me to do
    this again. So the photographer got everything ready. He set up the back-drop, he set-up
    the camera, he set-up the lighting, he wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

    The ghost showed up at the appointed time, he positioned himself in the spot that
    he and the photographer had agreed on, but then... just as the photographer snapped the
    picture... the flash bulb failed to flash. So the picture didn't come out.

    That just goes to show....

    The Spirit is willing, but the 'flash' is weak!!
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  2. apologies to Matt 26:41; and Mark 14:38; :)

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