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GFA: What More Was There to Live For?

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Prakash was lying on his deathbed. Constant worrying had taken its toll on his young body. It had all started when he realized his life had no meaning. Daily he would worship and offer sacrifices to his gods and goddesses. Then one day it dawned on him: For all his sincere devotion, his deities had never responded to him. They felt distant, removed.

So Prakash ceased to worship them. His life up to then had only been an illusion, he realized. All his sacrifices had been in vain. What more was there to live for? He only grew sadder as the days went by.

And now his health was failing rapidly. He could die at any given moment. But that’s when the miracle happened. Oh, it hadn’t started out as much. Just a man visiting his home one day. But that man was a pastor, it turned out—and he knew the living God. With deep compassion, he prayed for Prakash. Not only did he pray, the pastor also shared a message of hope with the frail young man: He told Prakash of Jesus, a responsive God who cares for the lost and hurting.

Prakash could hardly believe it! A God like this exists? he thought in wonder. He listened as the pastor further explained the Gospel to him. This was music to his broken heart—a gracious, forgiving God! He gladly put his trust in Jesus for salvation. “My deliverance filled me with joy and happiness,” Prakash relates. And as the pastor prayed that day, the Lord healed his body as well. At age 20, Prakash is enrolled at a Gospel for Asia Bible college, preparing to reach others with the Good News of a God who heals both body and soul.

We hope these stories of God's hand at work in Asia will encourage you today in your Christian walk. How very thankful we are for your prayers and support for thousands of native missionaries who are daily witnessing and sharing Christ among their people. These stories represent just a few of the countless lives that are being changed as people on the Indian subcontinent are hearing the Gospel for the first time. Praise God for His work on behalf of the unreached. May we ever be faithful to intercede for our brothers and sisters in Asia.