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[GFA Urgent Prayer] Believers Under Vicious Threat

Staff Member
I am asking you today to pray for an extremely critical situation.

More than 60 new believers in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh are being threatened with death if they do not convert back to Hinduism! It is not enough that they escaped the spiritual bondage that has oppressed their people for centuries, but now radical Hindus have threatened to burn alive any Christians who do not return to their former slavery.

Here is what happened:

On November 4, a pastor was attacked and severely beaten by a group of militants who threatened his life. Now the same group says they will conduct a puja (ritual) on November 20 to forcefully convert the Christians in his church to Hinduism--and burn alive any who do not renounce their new faith.

The pastor has filed a complaint with local police, but the area is dominated by a large temple to the Hindu god Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims come to the temple, so Hinduism is important to the local economy. It is not clear if the police will take any action to protect the Christians.

What is most important now is that we pray for this situation. I urge you to pray for the protection of the men, women and children in that place who have committed their lives to Christ. Pray that God will surround them with His angels and turn back any violence. Please also pray for their attackers, that their hearts will be softened and that God will work a miracle in their lives. Imagine what a powerful force for good they could become if they surrendered their lives to the Living God instead of gods that do not hear them!

Please share this request with your church and your friends. This is a spiritual battle, and only through prayer and fasting will the enemy be defeated in this stronghold.

I thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Asia. Thank you, most of all, for standing with us and with our brothers and sisters in Himachal Pradesh during this challenging time.

Yours for the lost of Asia,

K.P. Yohannan

Founder & President

Gospel for Asia

BCM International's Afro-Asian Director, Doctor Dalavai says "Persecution is a common thing in this part of the world, especially in Asia. We are born in persecution, we are ministering in persecution, and the day will come we will go as martyrs in the persecution."

Anti-Christian sentiment rises with the growing Hindu nationalist movement in northern India. Gospel For Asia's KP Yohanon says: "This is something that continues to increase and all we can do is to pray and continue to encourage our brothers which we do. We send them out saying that 'you know, what Jesus promised is persecution and opposition. Be courageous and be willing to lay down their life for the Lord."

Christians suffer more persecution than any other religious group and more Christians were killed for their faith in the last century than in the previous nineteen combined.

The good news: GFA has established 36 Churches and 80 mission stations in Himachal Pradesh alone. Glory to God! The kingdom of God prevails because of prayer!
Yes...I live in India and it sure is bad here for believers...some of the Christians get discouraged and forget their first love....I think everyone should pray for this