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GFA: 4/19/05 Freedom in Danger

Staff Member
Gospel for Asia Update - Religious Freedom in Danger
April 19, 2005 - Vol. V Issue 9 - 175,000 Subscribed

Let me share with you a scene that is fresh on my mind … and dear to my heart. A group of Asian believers recently traveled two weeks by foot, carrying their luggage with them. Do you know where they were going? They were on their way to a week-long gathering for worship, fasting and prayer.

I am struck by their deep love for Jesus, and their thirst for more of Him. And I hear many more such stories when I talk to our leaders on the field. Precious people in the 10/40 Window are finding hope and loving their Savior, no matter the cost.

Yet as I write to you today, dear friend, we are facing a critical situation that could prevent such people from ever hearing the Gospel! News reports reveal that various government bodies in India are trying to pass—or have already passed—legislation banning men and women from accepting Christ as their Savior!

Though officials of these governments claim that the law is meant to “protect” people from being forced or offered inducements to convert, the reality is that people who have been physically and spiritually oppressed for centuries—particularly India’s Dalits—are crying out for the freedom to choose their religion.

Much is at stake as these governments vote on these laws. I know you will pray with me that the Lord will show Himself strong and mighty on behalf of so many people who thirst for freedom and hope.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. And I want you to know that your labor for Him is not in vain.

K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President
Gospel for Asia

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The news and the burdens from our brothers and sisters world wide should be of greatest importance to us as fellow Christians. Most are not blessed with freedom to worship God openly, but are so willing to do so facing and experiencing great persecution. The Christians in the USA do NOT realize how blessed we are. I have dear missionary friends in other countries that dedicate themselves to reaching others, many at the expense of being thought insane because they leave this place of plenty and go to some remote area of the world to win others to our Lord Jesus Christ. If only one person is won through their efforts, that is a great ministry because I believe that if only one person had needed salvation, Jesus would have still come to die for him/her. I have brothers and sisters that I have met through Christian chatrooms who have to meet underground and tear pages from the Bible to be able to share Scripture with the whole congregation, yet they are content and blessed in their relationship with Christ and continue to grow in number of believers. God is so faithful to us, yet we take so much for granted. We do not deserve God's goodness, grace, and blessings, but He gives them to us abundantly...Do we stop to thank Him and pray for our brothers/sisters who are less fortunate, yet richer by far in their communion, dependence upon God, and faith in Him than we are?