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GFA: 3/10/2005 - Assam News Update

Staff Member
I have some wonderful news: God has answered your prayers--our prayers--for the situation in Assam. But this news comes with the warning that the danger has not passed.

The leaders of the most powerful insurgent force in far-northeastern India had set yesterday, March 10, as the deadline to meet their extortion demand. They threatened to totally destroy our ministry in Assam if their demand was not met.

Immediately, hundreds of thousands of believers like you around the world--possibly millions--began to pray for the situation. You joined others in praying for the safety of our leaders, Bible colleges, churches, and believers in Assam. You also prayed that God would touch the hearts of those making these terrible demands.

And God has answered your prayers!

The official Hierarchy of this insurgent group--one that has never backed down in the past and has enforced its demands in blood--told our leaders in Assam that they were giving more time so they could "study" our work and ministry among their people.

Praise God! Everyone is safe for now. We don't know whether "more time" is a few more days or perhaps a few weeks, but it is clear that God has intervened and touched their hearts in a favorable way for now.

You and I know that the future is in God's powerful hands--not in the hands of these men. So please continue to pray that He will protect our brothers and sisters in Assam, and that He will soften the hearts of these men even more--to the extent that they will come to understand that God's work in Assam is for the good of all the people, including them.

I pray that God will open the hearts of these men to the message of salvation, and that they will turn from serving the god of this world to serving the God who died to save them.

I also ask you to pray that God will keep His angels surrounding our people and our work in Assam.

Thank you for praying with us.

Prayerfully rejoicing in Him,

K.P. Yohannan

President - Gospel for Asia