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GFA: 12/07 Made Alive in Christ

Staff Member
Lakshmi knew she could die at any moment. Doctors had given up hope. Not long ago, she was still living a normal life. But then she came down with an illness for which doctors had no cure. Her condition had only grown worse.

For so long, Lakshmi had faithfully followed the traditions of her religion, making sacrifices to appease her deities. Yet they had not answered her or offered any reassurance, and here she was on her deathbed. Surely she had to wonder what had gone wrong.

She could hear the hushed voices of family members, relatives, neighbors—people who thought for sure she would die soon. Then one day everything changed. A GFA missionary, joined by other believers, visited the frail woman. Tenderly, they told her about the true and living God, and His power and love. They fervently prayed to God for her healing.

The Lord reached down and touched Lakshmi’s body, saving her from certain death. With wonder and joy in her heart, Lakshmi received Jesus as Savior and Friend. Not only has she been healed physically, today she knows the comfort of Jesus and can "...come boldly to the throne of grace ... [to] obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16, NKJV).