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GF does not believe I walk with Christ

My gf thinks we are unequally yoked. She thinks, without fact, that I have no spiritual connection with God. I know she is wrong. How can I prove this to her to save our relationship? My communication methods aren’t the best, in the sense that I am unable to completely articulate what I feel. I am close to God, I keep Him close in all aspects of my life everyday, every possible moment. Maybe I don’t show it enough but inside He is always with me. It is hurting a lot that she wants time to think about our relationship because of this. I don’t want to persuade her to stay with me, I want to make her realise my true connection with God. Be it His will if she chooses not to be together. But for someone to question my connection with God is truly an insult to me. What do I do? Im looking for answers to my prayers but I would like some advice on this.

Staff Member
First off.
Welcome to Talk Jesus.

Good question but no real straight answer for you. Only your walk or in other words how you behave and treat/do for others before your self can even stand a chance of convincing another. Saying it without actions makes it only words.
One question: Does she say why her belief of you stands as it does?

Once again be welcome.

With the love of Christ Jesus.
Again, no straight answer. Anybody worth their salt would want to find out a lot more from each of you before daring to give advice.

I agree with you that trying to prove your faith for the sake of your relationship sounds odd. I would be upset by it too.

Sometimes people don't say what they need to say directly. My question for your girlfriend would be, 'if you were assured that Hayder is walking with God, would everything else in your relationship be resolved and healthy?'
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Greetings Hayder,

Post in peace.

Hayder, do you mind if I move this thread to another part of the Forums? As you are seeking some advice about relationship issues or something similar, it might be better in either Counselling or Relationships?

Let me know.

Bless you ....><>