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Getting Into Exodus

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Eventually, a new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done. Exodus 1:8 NLT

Today’s Old Testament Bible reading bridges from the end of Genesis in the beginning of Exodus. This second book of the Bible reveals the amazing lengths to which God will go to save His less-than-perfect people. Along the way, get ready for some of the Bible’s biggest stories.

Moses begins by describing how the emerging nation of Israel was enslaved by the Egyptians (chapter 1. He then records in dramatic detail how God called him to deliver the Israelites (chapters 2-6), how the Lord brought down a series of terrible plagues on the Egyptians (7:1-12:30), and how they escaped from bondage (Exodus 12:31-15:21).

In this book, Moses also records how the Israelites began complaining against the Lord (15:22-17:7) and how Joshua and others helped lead the people (17:8-18:27).

Moses then tells how he received the Ten Commandments and other laws of the Lord (chapters 19-31), how the people quickly began to rebel (chapters 32-33), and how God renewed His covenant with His chosen people (chapter 34).

Famous passages in the early chapters include God appearing to Moses in a burning bush (3:2-9) and revealing His covenant name (3:14).

Prayer: Lord, transform me. Transform my vision of who You are and the mighty acts You performed to save Your people out of Egypt. May I never doubt what You can do even today.

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