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To make the wrong desires leave, can't be accomplished by trying to make them leave.

This actually causes it to get worse in your head,= the LUST desire becomes stronger and more relentless.
And that is because....Of yourself you have no power over that issue.

Notice........ if i tell you to ride a blue Plastic elephant......
See it?
Now make that leave your head.

You only think about it more.

That what sin does...when you try not to do it, again., and its the same for the Believer,....... however, you're not sinning, you're committing a work of the flesh, but that's for another Thread.

So, its the same... The Blue Elephant or the LUST in your head.
You see it, and then you do it.

...= This is the "curse of the Law"., and "Christ came to deliver us from the CURSE OF THE LAW"..

What is it?

Its 2 Things..

1.) Its "The LAW is the power of sin", and "the power of sin is the Law"..


2.) Its the Law that defines you as a sinner.

That's the curse of the Law.
That is the dominion of the Law.. It keeps you there, in bondage to your LUST.

So, when you hear some deceiver telling you that the reason you are born again, or "saved" is so that you can now go and keep the Law... then they are trying to get you back under it, and its a curse.

The Law is made for sinners, not for Saints.
Remember that.,,,
The Law , (613 of them) are not made for the Born again. They are made for sinners... = to lead them to go to the Cross and find God's Grace.

So, listen to ..(Paul the Apostle) and get this revelation instead.

1.) "Christ is the end of the law for righteousness, to every one who Believes".

So, here is the issue..
You have sin consciousness. And that is... you think about some Lust.. A Lust thats in your head.
Therefore, if its not in your head.....then guess what happens next?

A.) Right. You are FREE from it. The Yoke of bondage is gone, broken, removed.

So, the CURE for sin, isn't confessing it again.. .Its to have no LUST consciousness in your head at all.

How do you end all that, and the condemnation, and guilt?

"its by my Spirit, sayeth The Lord"......same as everything else, within Christianity, as Christianity is 100% Spiritual. Its 100% built on God's Grace.

Christianity is God in you, Christ in you, The Holy Spirit in you, doing it through you.
That's REAL CHRISTianity.
And when you instead.... put yourself there.... striving, trying, resisting, working...PERFORMING....
Here is what happens...

= When you work, God rests.
= When you rest in God's Grace, the God works through you.

You can do ALL Things through CHRIST.
You can do NOTHING through You but fail to live holy.

You have to get your "SELF" out of God's Righteousness.
See, A deceived believer keeps putting the "SELF" there ....and all that happens to you, is that you "fall from Grace".

So....The way you get your head cleared and cleaned, ... = Your Soul realm, (mind, will, emotions), is to learn to have as your Mind, the very same eternal perspective of yourself, that God has of you, all the time.

THIS : "i am the righteousness of God in Christ"

"I am the righteousness of God in Christ".

I am "made Righteous".

I have become "the righteousness of God in Christ".

See that MIND?
You have to get that mind and keep it, always... as that is your heart found here.... = Hebrews 13:9
That is God's perspective regarding all the Born again..... and once the believer gets this same mind, then they have "worked out their salvation"< and they are finally "walking in the Spirit".

Get your mind right, and that Lust consciousness, will fade, fade, fade, and you will see it go away, and you will KNOW the Power of God that delivers from bondage.