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Geocaching - Treasure Hunting

Check out this It's a fun sport that is now in over 200 countries. You use a GPSr, which is a Global Positioning Satalite receiver. These little hand-held units tell you where you are and when you enter some coordinates, it points the way to get there. People hide tupperware containers or old army ammo boxes with toys and things in them for others to find. When you find it then take something, put alittle something in and sign a log book. I have gone to places and enjoyed God's creation to an extent I wouldn't have without Geocaching. Go for it! It's fun! :thumbs_up

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I want to become a marine biologist to protect God's creatures and i also have a passion for the sea.... i love seeing what God created and how powerfull he is, so yeah i think i know what you mean- sounds kind of cool.
God bless