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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by brakelite, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Came across this site after googling 'forums' and thought I'd drop in and say hello. Might be a nice place to rest after all the relentless debating forums elsewhere. Being a Kiwi however I do hope you don't have trouble with my upside down writing.
  2. Blessings to you in Jesus.........and welcome.

    Please get involved and tell us how you met the Master. Such experience is always a help to others seeking to know Him. Jesus
  3. G'day brakelite,

    Or should I say what chu doin bro?

    Good to see another southern cousin here.
  4. Welcome to TJ brakelite. Great of you to join us. Hope you you enjoy your rest here,but hopefully not for too long before you join us in the chat. Blessingsssssssssssssss
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus brakelite hope you like it here
    and hope to see you in chat soon

    loads of love kirsty xxx

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