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Ga. Student Fights Expulsion Over Beliefs

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by dannibear, Nov 30, 2011.

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  2. Okay, my embarrassment is complete now! (Thanks again)!
  3. Good Morning:

    You got me....lets clear that up first. The parable it seems is a human one. Jesus did not say it. This is a part of my learned sayings and I improperly applied it. It is called getting ones wires crossed. I like all can be stupid. Pretty good at it sometimes. Lol!

    In regards to how to cast out a sinner, all I can say is how I view things. And casting them out, or being mean or other things that are just as much of a sin as the sin in question is not what I am saying.

    So look at it this way. And let us use the sin of homosexuality as it is the topic of discussion, but it can be any obvious sin. And also may sins are not on the surface and not at all obvious. But anyways let say we do know for sure that a person is homosexual and they admit it. The flaunt it , wear earings and invite us to participate in the gay pride march. The tell us that God loves us all and also loves homosexuals and that all homosexuals are loved by God and homosexuality is not a sin. That is is simply prejudice and unrelenting bigotry of men that is the sin. This is the viewpoint of the world for the most part at the present time .

    I as me, will tell them that this sexual perversion is against the law and wishes of God. That it holds many consequences and will result in deliberate and unrepentant sin and eternal life is not possible with this . But they can turn from it and accept God and be forgiven and all will be on an even keel.

    At this point it is their choice, you see they have free will just like I have. I can tell them the truth, I can tolerate it for a time, but not for a long time and if they refuse to turn away, to seek God and acknowledge the truth then I am done with them. In other words they are not going to be invited to my home, nor will I wish them to be around me or in any way be able to influence me or mine. They know the truth, as not only have I told them but God also speaks to them, so it is their choice.

    My protest is that sin is accepted so easily that it is never pushed away. No matter what it is , the modern religion says turn the other cheek, love is unconditional and just keep it up, and God will take care of it.
    Well God wants us to take care of it. He wants us to use common sense and not unconditionally accept sin and keep inviting it into our lives and society. This does not mean to be mean, or violent or act the fool like the Westboro Babtist Church does......but it does mean to not allow constant sin to become a part of your life by allowance and total toleration of it.

    Just like an employee that you catch using drugs and filling up his personal vehicle on the company gas card, the first time you discuss it with them, depends on the situation, but there is no second time.
    Mercy was shown the first time . I do not have to let sin walk all over me.

    Hope this explains my way. I am very frustrated at the liberal acceptance of sin in the world of today. All sin. It is in some ways rewarded.

    A little joke......if I was homeless and starving I would go attack a police officer.....smack him one......I would have a warm place to sleep and three meals a I would not want to go to jail due to all the other bad things there, but you get the idea.

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    Actually I see what you are saying. It is you that doesn't
    see where my posts for unconditional love have stemmed
    from. You said in an earlier post:

    The thing is, she was not being put down at all. She
    should have known the rules of professionalism that
    comes with her career. If she wanted to still talk
    about her faith, which isn't a bad thing, many people
    become Christian counselors. Why? Most of the time,
    it is for the very reason this woman is going to court.

    Also, you say that people are quick to extend love
    toward unrepentant sinners as if it were something
    that should not have been done. Jesus has something
    different to say about that. That was the point of
    my posts. My posts had nothing to do with whether
    or not a homosexual gets saved. I believe in unconditional
    love for everyone, but I do believe in proclaiming
    Jesus as your savior (faith) to be saved, to go to
    Heaven. I believe in a God of justice. And as far as
    grace goes, grace is defined as unmerited favor. It is
    mercy shown to someone who is undeserving of favor.
    That is everything I believe laid out on the table.
    Now I hope you understand where all my love posts
    are directed to.

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