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Fun with my smilies..

Ok, brothers and sisters;

Lets have some fun here and put the serious stuff aside for a moment.

What is your favorite "smilies" and why? What was your favorite childhood game when you were growing up or still have fun with?

Here is my favorite icons and why;

:love: I love God so much and truly, truly want to love my brothers and sisters from my heart.

:shade: I love the beach! I love listening to the waves, I love when the ocean is blue, the sky, the sun straight up or during the sunset. I think of San Diego, California, Portsmouth, New Hampshire up the coast going to Maine, worshipping God's beauty overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

:boy_hug: :girl_hug: I'm a hugger! lol! And what is so wonderful is that its PURE from God.

:pizza: :cup: I love PIZZA but eat it only once in a while. But when my wife and I do order my mouth waters when I see those LARGE New York pizzas! My weakness is Good coffee, not those dorky ones with foam, cherries on top, and sprinkles of nuts, just one, large, black cup of San Francisco French roast, top of the morning lol!

:moon: My favorite game as a bobo was playing marbles! And though this icon is a moon, we had certain marbles called "moonies" lol! We played rings, where you would put your marbles in a circle and shoot them out. It was good for eye and finger coordination, and it promoted kids playing together, and fair play because everyone watched to minimize cheating.

Even though I have fun with my smilies and game, I am grateful Jesus is in the center of all so He remains the main focus.

Please share your favorite smilie and childhood game?

I love you all! :love:

Your servant in Christ Jesus. :shade:
What a fab idea :)

:present: Spesh gift of life from God

:note: Music in my heart when I'm touched by the spirit

:love: for Jesus

:rainbow: Childhood game looking for the pot of gold lol..... we ran for
hours through woods and fields. Never found our fortune now I
know the gold is the rainbow!

people I meet and kids I teach

:cocktail: Makes me think of good times at Uni and holidays in the sun

:eek:mg: Just love this fellow, down the rollercoaster of life takin' a big breath

:cake: mmmmm cake

:sleep: and well um it's me!!!

... just talk too much ...let it all splurge out need this fellow to remind
me not to waffle

and........ :secret: God Bless - Jesus whispering in our ears... cool huh?
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Bob ... you are just a cool guy . This is going to be both fun and informative .

:love: Gods love :boy_hug: Greetings with a holy kiss

:thumbs_up Yes :thumbs_do no , no middle ground for now .

:eek:mg: Shocked but amused :clock: Time is running out

:rose: The beauty of God , along with the thorns of life .

:secret: Gossip divides the fellowship , and is never accurate

:wilted_ro My strength is weary :camera: God sees all

:confused: Not saying your wrong , I just don't get it

Be slower to speak :computer: To the world at talkjesus

:moon: Heaviness Just being sassy but funny I hope
:angry: is what I used to be

:unlove: what was what everyone seen

:girl_hug: when a person reached out to me

:sun: told me of the Son of God

:present: and the gift He had for me

to Him to forgive my sins

:love: is how I look and feel

now I sign my posts Joyfully

One of my favorite games growing up was FREEZE . This is where we would do silly poses and spin around then say freeze! then you would try and stay that way the last person standing won that round just to play it all over again lol! Joyfully ~ Jlu
To My Brother " Hugger "LOL! :boy_hug: :girl: :boy: :girl_hug:

Yes stop - have fun :note: Relax a little while

Come on now let me see that smile!!! :thumbs_up

Theres nothing like smiles

From across the miles :plane: :car:

To take the stress :confused: :angry: away!!

I m always here to brighten :sun: your day!!

(God Bless Bobo :boy: - LOL )

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