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Full Of Roses

I Realize That Life Is Not All Roses
At Times Just A Sent Of A Rose
And Other Times A Full Blossom Of Roses
The Day Comes When The Roses
Begin To Wilt Die And Fall Away
There Is A Gloom In A Wilted Rose
A Silence That Comes Over Me
A Lost Hope I Suppose
Life To Me Is About A Rose
I Found The Most Beautiful Rose One Day
This Rose Continues To Blossom In My Life
Never Wilting Never Dieing
Full Of Life And Blossoms Ever So Bright
What I Found In This Rose Is
When The Sent Is Right And It Is In Full Blossom
To Cultivate The Soil Planting More Roses
Clipping The Old And Wilted Away
That There Is A Continual Scent Of Roses
And A Fullness Of Blossoms
So In This One Rose I Have Planted Many
And I Will Continue All The Days Of My Life
Until Life Is Full Of Roses

To God,thanks Christlike
Hey, Christlike!

Thank you, brother! I didn't know you wrote poems. What a blessing. Beautiful poem!

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
Staff Member
Very nice poem Christlike. Thank you for sharing. Got more? :)

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