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Fruitful Trees, The Spirit's Sowing

Fruitful trees, the Spirit's sowing,
may we ripen and increase,
fruit to life eternal growing,
rich in love and joy and peace.

Laden branches freely bearing,
gifts the Giver loves to bless;
here is fruit that grows by sharing,
patience, kindness, gentleness.

Rooted deep in Christ our Master,
Christ our pattern and our goal,
teach us, as the years fly faster,
goodness, faith and self-control.

Fruitful trees, the Spirit's tending,
may we grow till harvests cease;
till we taste, in life unending,
heaven's love and joy and peace.

Timothy Dudley-Smith
( Based on Galations 5:22& 23)
Taken from the Poetic Bible
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Staff Member
Very nice brother jiggy thank you for sharing :)

I like its uniqness and simple but rythmic ryhmes. Rich is wisdom as well.

God bless