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I grew up not believing in God. My best friend would always say Jesus this Jesus that. I've always heard Jesus died for you this, Jesus died for you that, but it didn't mean anything to me.
One day he invited me to church, then I signed the guest book. A week later the pastor visits my house and opens the Bible and took me to Gethsemane and Calvary. It touched my heart
and I decided to believe. It felt like I was jumping off of a spiritual cliff and I didn't know what was going to happen. So don't give up on inviting people to church, because it works!
I'm the only Christian in my family so it would be nice to meet other believers! :)

My family are slowly opening up. After years, my mother and I pray together in the Name of Jesus! I don't think she has accepted Him as Lord and Savior, yet, though. She hasn't fully believed. But now she believes in God and understands the concept of 'sin' and needing forgiveness. Please keep my family in prayer!

Oh yeah, and I just came back from a mission trip in Mexico! We built 5 churches and did a lot of community service and praying for people! It was a true blessing!

Are there others here who never used to believe in God but now they do?