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From Adam

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This is a poem I wrote while studying the book of Romans. The love of the Father that sent the Son into the world to bear the guilt of my sins, so that He might be just and yet justify the unjust, still lays my mind in the dust. There is none greater, kinder, loving, nor fearfull in holy purity and wrath. All I shall ever want to do is praise Him, and this His grace provides.

We are from Adam: all lie, all cry, all die!
We are from sin: all hide, all cover, all blame!
Like begets like: begets like, begets like, begets like!

Kane, Tuballkane, Nimrod, Pharaoh,
all together all our fellow.
Babylon, Persia, Greese, or Rome,
all together all our home.

But from Seth to Shem to Abraham,
one promise of another land.
But how to get from here to there,
is not of us or all our fairs.
Without a lamb and sacrifice,
there is no part in paradise.

Though promise has provided one,
Until the bruising seed of woman come,
We in Adam are thence under curse.
And law from Moses has made it worse.
For by works of law no man is just:
The law exposes illicit lusts.

Though good, holy, just and true,
man can judge, but cannot do.
By that which is good, man is slain,
That sin itself man might disdain.
That sin exceeding sinful we despair:
our shallow works or reckless airs.

That with our vaunted self esteem in dust,
We might confess that God is just,
Who to dust decreed man return,
And opened hell for what he earned.

That no fault to God be laid,
But men confess themselves depraved.
And from Gods severity behold:
His goodness promised long of old.

From Adam....DGB
Isn't that the truth about us. Yes we were just like the scripture has mention. For all have sin and come short of the gloy of God. No righteous, no, not one on this earth. Praise God for sending His Son to die for us, so we might live. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundandly (John 10:10)

Blessings on you my dear friend Dice:smile:

that was good dice arent u glad that Jesus came for us. Im so glad I dont live in old testament times, and that I have a forgiving Lord that forgives me of all my sins. jlj
Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that has proceeded from the mouth of God. Christ makes his word the joy of our heart, honey of the honey comb. Forgive me for missing this reply so long jan. I pray all is well with you...yes there is much to be thankful for. ...DGB
John Newton penned the words, "Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved." The human condition hasn't changed. Men are still dead in trespasses and sins; they know God exists, but they know they do not know him. I wrote this ditty back in the 70's and God's truth has not changed either. Romans lays out the human condition and clearly proclaims the remedy God has provided sinners in his Son's death in their place. And, like with John Newton, the first thing God does is reveal to a man how lost he really is. I think Newtons own testimony in his own words stated,"God smote me gourd and laid me low." An allusion to Jonah (a like cast away at sea as Newton was), vain hopes get shattered by God...the Law is good at doing this, and all men know it is true. We are good at judging and excusing until God turns its full light on our own vile hearts...then it is we may see his amazing grace.

Thanks Stephen, God did this; He smote me gourd as well

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