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What exactly did God mean when he said that "Friendsip with the world is hatred toward God" in James 4:4. I know some people have said that this is implying that we should not make friendship an idol, but when I read it I dont see the word idol...I see the word aldulterous. What does this scripture truly reveal to us? Lets not just look at this 1 scripture verse, but the verses preceeding and the verses before to see what the context means
Thank you very much
Hi, Jun!

The key idea is "the world." Biblically "the world" refers to the things of this world, the lusts that rule the "old man," the corrupt person we were before giving our lives to Jesus.

The verse is similar to that we cannot serve both God and mammon.

Here "friendship" refers to where we place our affections. It is saying that if our affection or attachment is to worldly pleasures, then we are opposed to God. Base pleasures then remain more important, so that even prayer is corrupt, because it comes from wrong motive. This causes a war within, because the Spirit of God is jealous for us to be His completely. Hence, the one who is attached to worldly pleasures is effectively battling against God.

I hope this sheds a bit of light on your question. I may be able to clarify better after some time for thought. :)

God bless you, brother. :love:

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