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I need friends, real friends.

Greeting @Aniledodivedodili

Welcome to the forum

We pray the Lord will bless you and guide you to make friends, true friend, we have a friend in Jesus sister, so come to Him first and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will.

Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will guide your paths... to new friends, real friends, friends you and trust, Jesus filled believers, please share a little about yourself and pray the spirit will guide you.

Yes, we have a friend in Jesus.

Bless you.
Hi Anile,

Guessing you're feeling a little bit alone. Hmmmm,,, I think most people at some stage in their lives experience this, including yours truly.

Can I ask, do you go to a church? If yes, how do you find the place?

I'd love to be your real friend, that's if you'd like that. The only problem is the 2000 miles between us, so I can't imagine dropping in for a brew very often but I'd be happy with email exchanges.

If that's what you'd like please IM me your email address and I'll start the ball rolling.

Hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes,

God made us social, and to share our lives with others. 'It is not good for man to be alone'.

Without knowing anything about your situation, I'd suggest thinking of yourself as a friend to others. Who would benefit from you sharing a part of your life with them?

God has made you unique in his image. I am sure there are people who he has lined up for you to be a blessing to.

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