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Friend's mother needs prayer for hearing loss.

She has a doctor's appointment on Feb 3rd to check out why she has total deafness in one ear since Nov and today she said she can hear in it again but now her other ear went deaf. She hears strange noises in her ear, Please pray for her.

Heavenly Father, I lift up Stephanie and ask that You will bring back her hearing in both ears, have mercy, LORD, may they get to the root cause of her hearing loss and to the noise in her ears. May there not be any further problems or stress. Put Your shield of protection over her ears and protect her hearing from permanent damage. Have mercy and open up her ears that she may hear again, blessed are our eyes that see, and blessed are our ears that hear, thank You
In Jesus Name, Amen
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There was such a woman in our church who had the same problem sis,the Lord spoke through a member to first ask the lady, written because like your friend she could not hear either,do you believe Jesus came to cause the lame to walk and the blind to see? She wrote down yes on the paper,the elder of the Church then cupped both his hands over both her ears,asked the whole church to lift there hands in agreement,and spoke" Lord Jesus through and by you great and wonderful name do we pray your healing upon this your daughter in Christ,touch her now through your most wonderful grace, and power,so all may know thee not only by thy great name but also by thy mighty works,in Jesus name let both ears be as they are healed through our Jesus amen"

He released his hands from her ears and whispered do you hear me sister? She looked up shocked and said yes I do,he closed one ear then the other asking again the same question,she began to jump up and down along with the rest of us. LOL I do not know where either are in your faith dear sister,so I will not judge either of you either!! I am not hear for that! I am hear to manifest your own mustard seed of faith such as I have.( mark 5:35-36) I am led of Holy Spirit to tell you this true story,I hope you understand this story is not meant to condemn either of you in any way!! I just wanted to plant a seed of hope for you both!( rom 15:13) My prayers are sure with you both!! God bless you sis!

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