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friends are friends

friends are friends foreverif the lords of lord of them and a friend will not say never cause the welcoem will never end cause a life time
is not to longto live as friends.
Right on brother Thomas! God is the Father of my best friend Jesus! I have a buddy I have known for about 37 years we skinned our knees together learning to ride bikes.There is a supernatural bond of love from understanding where each of us came from and what we have been through,through the years.I feel a greater than normal peace when I am with him. He knows my weakness, my faults all my short-comings but is still my friend. I thank God to have someone like that in my life as an earthly reference for my relationship with Jesus who has known me from before I was born.

You will be hearing that song alot more when Graduations come closer because alot of people request it. That song is like 15 yrs old and its still the most requested Graduation song lol.

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