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friends are blessings

Hi everyone, today I have been emailing all my friends, because I have been spending the day thanking God for that wonderful blessing...

I have not spent a lot of time on this site, but got to know most of you a little bit. I have been very busy lately, but want you to know I always remember this site in my prayers every night.

I am re-organising my day/s, timewise, and now I always put my quiet time with the Lord foremost in my day, so I have to do a bit of reshuffling because previous to this I had prayed about spending my time profitably for the Lord, and He is now helping me do just that.

Well, just popping in to say 'hello' to you all, and may God continue to guide us all in His Paths of Righteousness, for His Namesake. God bless.
Hi, Topaz.

Amen to your post...I pray that the LORD will continue to reveal HIMSELF to you in ways beyond your greatest expectation.
Staff Member
Amen sister God bless you :) You are also a blessing to us at this site.

Your zeal shines through clearly for the Lord. Keep your faith strong!