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Freedom Ship

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"Freedom Ship"

I am taking a voyage
On a freedom ship
In eternal passage
O'er waters of destiny.

This is the truth:
That though I falter,
Jesus paid the fare.
I am standing on board,
Waiting on the Lord,
And letting go of every care.

Letting go of weight and measure,
No need for cargo in the hold;
Though reef and fearsome weather,
My Lord will see the journey bold.

The Master of captains
Has mapped the journey
Aboard His vessel beyond defeat,
For to make me stand seaworthy,
As His unerring ways entreat.

Jesus Christ my only stronghold,
Held me fast upon His quay.
My course e'er now unto the Truth
By His command tell wind and wave!

from 12/30/96
completed 10/15/05
To Christ
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