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Former Satanic Witch of 10+ years... Now Evangelist

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"Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath TRANSLATED us into the kingdom of His dear Son. In whom we have redemption through HIS blood, even the forgiveness of sins". Colossians 1:13-14

I am an Evangelist and Missionary and dedicated to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a former satanic witch. I was a practicing witch for many years.

The mercy of Jesus is great and one drop of His blood is mighty to save!!!

I go to churches giving my testimony and spreading the good news that JESUS SAVES!
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Praise God you have been taken out of the kingdom of darkeness and brought out into His wonderful Light. Amen
Ya, I', always amazed God is able to take the hardest of people, and turn them to Him. :).
Thank you for your kind replies...

I know how good God is. He took a stony, cold and hard heart. A life full of evil and bound by satan. God took this life and restored it. He gave me a heart that is loving, patient and compassionate. He removed those HEAVY chains of bondage that satan had me in for many years.

It is so very hard to put into words that love I have for my Saviour. I know what darkness is... I thank and praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus for the work he did and is still doing in me.

I love God's Word. Since being saved, there is such a hunger. I want to know, I want to serve, and I want to tell others.

How GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ALMIGHTY!
I am very happy to know of your love for Jesus! He changes lives because He loves us so much. You were no worse sinner, sister, than me or anyone else...we all sin. But because of the specific lifestyle you led, you are even more effective as a witness, I believe

What a worthy God we serve!
blessing to you Sister Creed 249!! John 8:36!! So if the Son sets you free, which he has!! then YES!!! we are free indeed!! amen! I know of what you speak of! Luke 10:19!! This scripture saved me from attack! God's Word,plus the blood of Jesus!! YES!!!
Here we have a person, me, who once served the world and satan (willingly served him through witchcraft and satanism)... oh but the POWERFUL BLOOD OF JESUS THAT SET ME FREE AND HAS CREATED ME INTO A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS... This below is my heart's cry... how wonderful the transformation and the freedom I feel..

"My soul LONGETH, yea, EVEN FAINTETH, for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh CRIETH OUT FOR THE LIVING GOD" Psalm 84:2

Thank you Jesus... my mighty saviour and Lord of my life. Thank you sweet Jesus for loving me, thank you!
A person at my church says, th World, that the longer people stay in The more they long and thirst after God, because they know they darkness of this world alot mrns all theristiaore them people who have been Che lives.
Hello creed249
powerfull Testimoney sister
i read a book once called
from witchcraft to christ
very powerfull testimony like yours maybe you have read it also.
what missions are you invovled in ? would Love to know x
God.bless x