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Forever Worship

Sitting on the cliff over looking the ocean,
as the waves crash along the shore and over the huge rocks beneath me.
The wind blows wildly through my hair.
I can see across the ocean to the Island where the tall light house stands.
The seagulls struggle in flight trying to land on the rail along the stairs of the lighthouse.
The morning sunrise shines over the water reflecting golden light.
I can see things so clearly, as if the Lord was sitting right next to me saying.
As the lighthouse stands tall so will my people!
What gives us the ambition to stand when all seems to be falling apart around us?
Faith of knowing he will return to take us from this wicked world.
No more death or sorrow.
For every painted sunset, and early morning Golden sky more faith grows .
Wisdom we pray and Knowledge we receive through the Holy spirit who has come to guide us.
When will he come?
No one really knows but yet we all know and trust he will return soon.
The smell of salt water fills my nose and I think of how he has said we are the salt of the earth.
Are we being the salt he has called us to be?
For every kind word more hope and faith fallows.
Many will come to know him As Lord but few will fallow the full distance.
What keeps us from being all we are called to be?
Is it that we think we know a better way or is it that we fear to trust?
Do we not understand all he has done for us and how much more he wants to give?
I sit over looking the water and all he has given me
The only answer I can give him is this,
Lord I could never give you enough for what you have given me.
I could only hope that when the day comes and you are walking by our side That I can turn and look
And Know all I have done is what you have expected of me.
I long for the day where no more tears or pain will exist,
I long for the day where I can fall to my knees and worship you face to face.
I can only long for the day where I will forever worship you
Yes I love the beauty you have created but I have to say the love I have is stronger for you.
The End
written by Michelle Ross

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