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Imagine your child or grandchild forced to recite the Islamic conversion creed in school.

It's happening.

In Tennessee, public middle school students are being taught to write, "Allah is the only God." Their assignments actually explain how to convert to Islam.

It's Islamic indoctrination right here in our schools.

It's outrageous and unconstitutional, but it's happening nationwide. Some students are assigned to "pretend you are Muslim," others are taught to pray Islamic prayers, and practice Islamic rituals.

We're taking direct action. We're speaking with numerous concerned citizens and beginning to represent clients in these school districts.

We're fighting to defend religious freedom in school and aggressively battling to stop Islamic indoctrination.

Schools are censoring Christianity and proselytizing Islam. This absurdity must end.

As we represent these students, prepare demand letters, and send open records requests, we need you to take action with us.

Send a powerful message to these schools today.

Sign Our Petition: Stop Islamic Indoctrination in Our Schools.

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