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For when I am Tried..... by Holly Hobbie

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"For when I am tried and purified I shall come forth as gold" .....Ron Hamelton

I was born into a home with a Godly Christian mother and an alcoholic father. My dad died when I was two at age 41 .
My mom remarried when I was 6.

I asked Christ into my heart one night at the age of 9 in Sept 1982 my mom led me to the Lord.

For the first three years of my life I had illnesses that nearly killed me, My parents were told to prepare for my eventual death after being diagnosed with water on my brain. They were told that I would not survive to see the age of five and if i did I would never be able to do much of anything .

I matured 2.5 years behind my twin sister in most everything but just before I hit two I walked.
I was later on diagnosed as having "partial use of my corpus collosum "
In english that means that one side of my brain works extreemly faster than the other and like a broken bridge does not connect information quickly . I have data processing problems,dyslexia and severe depth perception ext my thoughts often gets so jumbled up inside my head more than normal and my words will come out funny sometimes..

I have overcome much of this with Gods help.

I was a target for bullies including a special ed teacher who hated throughout my school years including and older sister who tortured and abused me severely as a child and almost killed me twice.
I have been through all kinds of abuse,Sexual, physical and emotional throughout my whole childhood and into my marriage until 4 months ago.
With Gods help I was able to escape an extreemly abusive marriage and am in the process of getting counseling and healing.

I have tried to commit suicide in the past and struggled with self mutilation up until January 9,2009 when God healed me of that
Suicide has touche d me deeply being that I have lost 4 people dear to me from 1986 to 2002 and almost lost one of my sisters two years ago.
I have been through more than I can post here but God has been there and continues to be there in my current struggles

I have asked God the famous question of why ? His response has always been to trust him he has a plan for me and if I am willing he will show me in time.
In many ways he already has through my preacious severely autistic teenagers.

Isaiah 55:8-13 Is a challenge for all of us to trust him ect
Thank you for sharing this. My experience of asking God 'why?' has never yielded very clear answers.

But I have always been assured that in the most difficult times that God walks with me, and carries me.