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For Wendy

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by marrio63, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. I have a special friend who is a believer that is plagued with all the betrail, guilt and pain from a very difficult, immoral and abusive marriage. She is divorced only one year and has two children: daughter 7 and son 15. The son has committed a immoral act against his sister which has her mother in fear and pain from any action the authorities may impose on her if any. Her former husband turned out to not be a believer after all and treated her terribly. He is a sociopath and was cruel to her and the children. Right now she is undergoing much pain and panic and needs our prayers to get her through it all. There is so much more I could say but the most important thing for her to do is get back on track with the Lord. This will in part require her to go through the 7 steps to freedom in Christ from the book; "The Bondage Breaker"by Neil T. Anderson.
    I really love this lady and upon her request had to put the romantic part of our relationship on hold until things are smoothed out. I don't have too too much hope for her to come back to me but as far as I am concerned, my greatest hope is for her and her children to focus on the Lord and get spiritually healed. Please pray for my dear friend Wendy and her children. I vowed to be her earthly supportive rock to lean on and I never go back on a promise. I do pray to the Lord that she does come back to me if it's in the Lord's Will. I feel so saddened for her life and hope that our prayers will be heard and answered by Jesus. I thank you all and may God Bless every one of you.
  2. i am praying for this family and may God help them and bless them soon.
  3. Pray that God will show his hand and provide restoration and healing in the lives of your friend and her children.
  4. I add my prayers for Wendy and her family, especially her daughter. I think they all equally need help from the Lord. I pray your witness to them is godly and bears good fruit!
  5. I am also praying for all involved in this situation.

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