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For those that suffer with anxiety

I have noticed a lot of people have been dealing with anxiety lately, which actually made me feel less alone. I have been dealing with it for 11 years and the other day I had some inspiration to start a site devoted to it and try to help others out in their fight. I really don’t know where the idea came from I had no ambition to do anything of the sort. But as always the lord uses me when I least expect it and I believe the inspiration came from him because my own ideas always fail or never get done.

Anyway if anyone needs support in dealing with it, or you feel called to help others deal, or just want someone to pray with you please don’t hesitate to look me up or visit the site (link is in my profile or sig).

Chad if this is against the rules (because I am to lazy to read through them) :embarasse sorry in advance.
Hey there!

Thanks for sharing with us! You've got a lot of courage coming out into the world and saying what you have. I very much enjoy learning about the brain, and I've considered become a psychiatric nurse. The brain very much fascinates me! One organ, and it runs our whole being. God did make us fearfully and wonderfully! I'll be one of the regulars to your site. Thanks for sharing with us again!!!!

HistoryMaker-------->aka Alisha
Staff Member
Hello Drew.

Yes, it is against the rules to post links without permission including signature. I checked yours and its fine anyway. Your trying to help others and I won't interfere with that.

God bless you. I hope you reach many with anxiety and let the Holy Spirit of GOD do His mighty works. He certainly did for me when I had it for 2 days. I know its only 2 days not 11 yrs but for me being the first time and a sudden blow, it was one strange trip.
I used to have panic attacks and anxiety but the Lord Healed me. The more I started to trust in the Lord and let Him handle everything the more I got free. I also had people pray for me my church and talked to a christian counselor and had them pray for me. The Lord showed me how the enemy tried to lie to me about my past. The enemy lied to me about how God didnt really loved me and that I would be by my self because know one would ever except me as I really was. This was a true deception that the enemy trys to put in peoples lives. Their is alot more, but to much to tell here. I hope this helps someone to let them know that God can heal and restore your life. John 10:10 says The thief does not come except to steal and to kill, and to destroy, I have come that they may have life and they may have it more abundantly. (New King James) janlovesjesus
My daughter suffered from severe anxiety. Thank God he healed her I wish I
would have someone talk about it when we were going through that horrible time.
Praise God you are willing to do what God has called you to do.
God Bless You
I have suffered from anxiety most of my adult life. I think it was planted there early in childhood, and was quite hard to get rid of. Now, I have become more bold through Christ, and alot of the anxiety has gone. I am a pharmacist, and understand that the whole nation wants to be on medicine to help them relax...most don't understand that thats not the answer.