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For the Love of money

For the love of money?
I Timothy 6 today, some of the Scriptures' most powerful teaching on money and wealth. Here are a few of my insights as I read this chapter again this morning: -Real wealth is godliness with contentment. For me, it’s knowing how much is enough while still loving God with all our hearts, souls and minds.

-You can’t take it with you. Not any of it! We leave it all here.

-People who long to be rich often become trapped in harmful desires that eventually ruin their lives. You never have enough. One rich man one time said to me that he always wanted “just a little more money.” That, my friends, is called an addiction.

-People who crave money often fall away from their faith. Jesus said in Matthew 6::24 that it’s impossible to love God and money. You can’t be double-minded. You’ll either love one more than the other.

-Paul to Timothy: “But you be different.” He adjures him to fight the fight of faith until Jesus returns.

-To Timothy: tell those who are rich not to trust in money which will soon be gone. But trust the living God who never dies.

-Final adjuration to those who are rich: be rich in giving money to those in need. Be rich in helping others, by doing good works. That way, you’ll be storing up treasure in heaven which is eternal and never goes away.

By David Chadwick