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For my cat, Tiggy

I called my foster sister today and she said our cat is in the vet for bathroom problems so please pray for him to get out healthy for Christmas for my foster family. Thank you we would really appreciate it!
Will be praying for your cat:cat: I have a big Tom cat, hes only 2 years old, now and then i lay my hand on him and say a prayer ...I love Gods animals.

God bless
He went home

Tiggy is at home now and they think they fixed his bathroom problem so that is wonderful and I am going to visit the family that has him in the end of January and Brian and I are going to visit them after the brother's birthday; he will be 15 on the 14th of January. Thank you God for your prayer to work as asked by request. Thanks for your prayers everyone!
We almost lost our kitten last week, and then through prayer she was miraculously healed, I am certain of this. I'm so happy the same was true for you, too, Diana! What a fantastic blessing these pets are in our life, that God gives to us.
God bless you, and we will be praying for your baby to stay healthy now! Merry Christmas, my dear Christian friend. :icon_wink:
In Christ, :love:
CaliFlower :rose:
Staff Member
Glad he is alright now :)

I love GOD's creatures. I have a small poodle dog, he's really cool and fun to play with. GOD certainly knows how to please us and bless us with great things doesn't He?
My friend had a baby not me

Her baby is named Madison Marie Mania (6lbs, 5 oz and 18 inch) My friend Tina and her husband, Chad. Thank you for my prayer about my cat, Tiggy.