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For a friend of mine who hasn't accepted / taken Jesus

I have a schoolmate, his name is Jay. He's a funny guy and I see potential in him as a student, only if he takes things rightfully. Because, I find him to be a courageous person, because he's kind of a person who takes charge of his life and does what he wants to w/o caring about what others think about him. He uses this confidence to, like answer back to professors with no academic relevance, or dress up totally different from the rest of the class (like a super mohawk with dreads extension). He even thinks that sex and being a Columbian drug lord is totally cool.

I just met him this term, and I'm planning to share Jesus to him, I don't know what approach, but so far we have been chatting and we've been group mates for 2 subjectl activities. One of which was a partner activity where in we have to simulate a phone call conversation. Our presentation was totally funny but the sense of the activity was there, and in the midst of the activity he blurted out that, "this is the only time that I've really put some effort in an subject"... I think of it as a hopeful statement of change.. I pray I find it in me to influence Jay towards Jesus...
Hi Nico-san! I will be believing God for your friend to come to Christ.

A good friend of mine once shared this with me:
"We must sometimes be willing to build a bridge of friendship that will sustain the weight of truth".
If you are willing God will let you know when to talk to him and just what to say. This will be good seed and wether it bears fruit now or later is up to God Himself so do not be discouraged if you do not have instant results.

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