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Here is one of my poems I wrote in '99....

Do you see the footprints
There in the sand?
Did you know that they belong
to the son of man?

See them so soft
as if they were brand new?
See them? Now ask..
What do they mean to you?

Do you only see two holes
in the shape of two feet?
Or do you see an invitation
of someone there to meet?

I'll tell you what I see..
You may see it too!
I see a message waiting
waiting just for you.

Not just for you
but for the world
For every man, every woman,
every boy and every girl.

An invitation to a door
that will lead you away from sin.
Hear someone knocking?
Why don't you let Him in?

His name is Jesus!
He is the Son of God!
He is our Lord and Savior,
one we should applaud!

For he has saved our lives,
although some do not see.
He died for all our sins,
there upon a tree.

Now he calls us back
listen to him say...
He wants to be with you forever
in your heart to stay.

Will you accept this gift?
This great gift from above?
It is the greatest gift ever,
it is the Gift of Love!