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Following Christ!

Hi everyone, My name is Lily Miller, I am Married and I am traveling the US with my husband and some brothers and sisters trying to get people to listen to Jesus. I have been a Christian for about a year now and I am trying to find different ways to strengthen my faith with God! My husband and I are actively trying to work on being close with one another and with God as well! I would love to hear some of your thoughts and if you have questions or anything, I would love to hear new things that could potentially help me get my faith a bit stronger, I hope that I may be able to share things with you guys as well.

Peace and Love, Lily
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @Lily Miller
Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to this online Community of Christian Believers!

What an experience you must be having with this travel you are on! Desiring to strengthen your faith? Well, what you're doing is surely a good way!!!! Doing what He wants us to do, which is to spread the God News. I am clapping for joy in the endeavor you, your husband, and friends in Christ Jesus have embarked upon. So, as difficult as it can be at times, it surely is rewarding when you see that the Holy Spirit has touched one you have been conversing with. Sometimes it's not even the one you are talking directly to that is moved! You are the vessel, and the means by which the Holy Spirit will move and touch those who are His! Alleluia!

I was moved to ask, if you have the time, it would be awesome if you were to create a thread dealing with the subject of your travels. As you move around, you can let us know how you all are doing, and the experiences with people/places you have encountered for the Kingdom of God and to His Glory. This can be something Brothers & Sisters here can follow, pray for/with, and offer guidance as the Spirit moves them. Pray about it, and if it something you think you'd like to do, then great! You'll have at least one reading your postings :)

Once again be welcome to Talk Jesus Sister.
Say hello to the hubby and my other Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.