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Flame ft V.Rose - Surrender lyrics

(Flame ft V.Rose)
[Album - Captured]

I'm never gonna run away, away from You
I open up my heart to You
I'm Yours
I'm pulling out my flag
and I, I surrender
anchor of my ship
You can hold me down
I'm never going to run
I'm never going to run

Verse 1:
I'm never going to run
I am truly convinced
that Your ways are better
I'm not on the fence
who distributes joy
who sets the soul free
who can forgive sin
who died for me
yes it's true that Ive been captured by Your love
I've been captured by Your grace
I've been covered by Your blood
I was lost but now Im found
yes it's true You hold me
Jesus here's my white flag
I surrender right now


Verse 2:
How can I run away
or go take a hiatus
when the decedent of David has proven He is the greatest
you see He mediates
He is the mediator
Now I am so free
what a sweet savior

Verse 3:
I found a real love
and He is my ransom
not going to escape
I'm gonna stay
I'm captured yeah
but I'm so free
and I finally know that I'm where I'm suppose to be
so I raise my hands
I get on my knees
because there is nothing like the day the Spirit captured me
and there is no one greater
I surrender I don't need another savior
I'm never going to run

My ship was a wreck
I couldnt pay the debt
and I lost all my treasure
so I hit the deck
when I saw Your banner I knew Id never run and I'm staying forever
I'm never going to run


Jesus here's my white flag
I surrender right now

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