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Flagging during worship--anyone else do it?

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Gabriel Kinson, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. I began flagging at the beginning of this year, and got my own set (seen in my avatar) back in July. Is there anyone else here who worships in this way?

    An example, and one of my favorite videos to watch, whether for technique, or just to soak in the Lord's presence:

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  2. I do not brother, but am moved by those who do.
    At one time, some in my church would worship with banners.
    Sadly, they no longer do.
    Still, blessings to those who would so worship our Heavenly Father! Alleluia!

    Thank-you for sharing the video.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  3. On palm sunday we wave palm fronds like flags and ribbons.

    But dont really wave flags any other time, although I once saw a girl do it church during worship but she had a whole corner of the church to wave her flags.
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  4. My church encourages everyone to worship how the Lord leads them to do so. So several of us have a spot in the back of the sanctuary where we can dance, flag, or lay on our faces.
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  5. I usually sit near the back so I have more room in church I dont like being hemmed in by seats. I have made library corner with books cushions, sofa etc.
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  6. Although it wasnt flags, I did attend an unusual service where an old time worship song was played by someone using a 2 handed logging saw. They bent it certain ways and the sounds that came from it was very beautiful.
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  7. I watched a video of a guy playing Ave Maria on a saw like that.
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  8. Be Cautious what we call Worship!
    Most things done are of the flesh and the same that we would do unto man.

    Scripture tells us that God is Spirit and We are to Worship in the Spirit.

    John 4:24
    God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

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  9. Whether it be singing, dancing, waving flags, or a variety of other things, those things I pour out as a offering of worship before Him. Whether others are doing these out of pure motives or not, I don't know, nor is it my place to make that distinction.
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  10. What scripture is that?
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  11. Look, I love reading the Bible and dissecting it as much as the next person, but I don't need a scripture to give me permission for every single thing I do. I don't need a scripture telling me to pour out my heart in worship to my King.

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  12. But if scripture says to worship in Spirit then all the other things are of man an God does not have to accept it as true Worship

    I am not coming against you at all but Scripture out weighs everything else.
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  13. You can worship in spirit WHILE doing something else, it does not say worship in silence, or worship only with your head bowed, etc.
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  14. So you are saying it's cool to add anything to true worshiping in the Spirit and God is pleased.

    I have not said anything about silence or head bowed, you added that sir.

    Man has been adding things and calling good from the beginning, it still does not make it so.

    I am not coming against anyone here just stating some truth.
    Many folks think they are praying to God and worshiping God but in all truth they are doing it unto them selves.

    Again just sharing some truth I have learned over the years.
    Have a great weekend Brad !
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  15. I'm going to keep right on worshiping how I worship. If you don't agree, hey, that's fine. But if David can exalt God dancing in the streets of Jerusalem in his underwear, then God can be exalted with my worship.
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  16. So just what "exactly" do "you" do when you worship in spirit? Is there only one position of your body, no outside distractions, but you and the Lord? I worship the Lord while driving and listening to christian music alot, but certainly not the only way.
  17. Hi Brad,
    There is a huge difference between Worshiping in the Spirit and Simply Praising God while you drive or work or what have you.

    What many folks are calling true Worship is nothing close to it.
    When one enters into True Worship, one on one with the Father, then there will be nothing else going on within them other then Worshiping in the Spirit.

    Have you ever heard of the phrase Caught up in the Spirit?

    Well that does not happen jumping around and making noise.

    Please do not think I am claiming who is right or wrong.
    Again I am just sharing something I truly Believe The Father has been teaching me.

    The world is full of folks claiming to do things and call it faith and it is just foolishness. It is the same with worship and praise and even praying.

    I Praise God and Sing and thank God walking to the stores and back. It's a good thing.....However it is not the same as Worshipping God in the Spirit.

    Anyway, I did not reply to judge nor claim anyone is wrong, just simply sharing something that has been changing my life.

    Have a Beautiful Weekend
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  18. Hi Gabriel,
    I am not judging you nor trying to say you are doing anything wrong.
    I am just sharing something that God has been dealing within me for some time.

    I do want to add this though concerning the quote above.

    Remember that David was under the old covenant and he was of a people who were Not born again nor had the Holy Spirit living in them.
    The priest, prophets and some kings did have the HOLY Spirit living in them.

    Just like fleece prayers are not for us as New Testament believers.
    Lot of ways in the old testiment (Before Christ and the Cross) are not at all how we as New Testament believers are to operate.

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  19. Hmm good points, sometimes people get carried away in the flesh and draw attention to themselves. I have not read of any flagging in worship in the new testament except for when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey and people waved palm fronds.

    When I have seen flags being waved it's usually in a parade of some sort with ticker tape. Some people try and hype up worship by asking people to jump around and wave like they in a rugby match and make loud noises. While these people can be sincere, jumping up and down like you on a trampoline isnt always evidence you are worshipping in spririt.

    If people want to mosh like they at a rock concert, maybe they are just reacting to the bass and drums.

    I once saw flags being waved at a church by a jewish dancing group but they waved them into a hexagram, to me that was rather odd thing to do in church. I'm really not keen on the israeli flag in church, I know some people think nothing of it, but the 'star of david' isnt actually a jewish symbol or something you would bring to worship God with. It has satanic origins.
    But you try and tell that to some people and they think nothing wrong with it.
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  20. There is a huge difference between worship and praise and worship in the Spirit.
    They are not the same thing.
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