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First time witnessing

Would anyone like to share about their first time being called to witness the good news of the Lord Jesus? I want to share you my experience.

Last Thursday, I decided to ditch my cell phone and computer and pick up the bible, pen and notebook as a way to read God's word and study the bible. I started reading John. I made it through about verse 44 of chapter 1. I was taking notes and writing down questions and all that for later clarification. I went to bed.

The next day, I woke up and took my bible and note book journal to work with me - planning to use my breaks for my time in His word. I wasn't able to do that until near the end of the day, where I was able to read for about 15 more minutes. At about 5:22 p.m. I ended with that and my work day. I gathered my things and took off for the weekend. As I descended down the exterior stairs, to my right walking left on the sidewalk, were two gentlemen talking. As our paths nearly converged (I was slightly ahead of them) at the sidewalk, I heard one say "I believe in God, but I don't like it being forced on me". In a whirlwind, every hair on my body raised and was filled with a rushing feeling. I slowed my pace to let them get closer to me as we encroached the street corner. I veered off to the side and pivoted my body squarely to them. I was very calm at this point, the hairs had calmly laid back down on my body.

I asked "Hey guys, I heard you guys talking about God, can I please share something with you?"
The one my left replied "Yeah man"

I started to tell them that I was reborn, spiritually. And how that was done. That I was baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins, and that I had received the Holy Spirit. And He is in me. I told them about what has changed in my life since March 25, 2018; all of the things Jesus has taken away and all that he has blessed me with [a lot of the stuff I have testified to here on TalkJesus].

After being told these real life changes, they were in disbelief as the man on my left pondered aloud "this all happened in 9 months?!?!?" and I simply replied "Yes." {hahaha}. I invited them to my church and the conversation ended with one of the gentlemen shaking my hand and the other kind of by himself.

All of this is Him in me. Amen.

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