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First Intro

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Bryson, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    My name is Bryson and I'm new here. I'm a believer in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the gospel. I believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. I've been walking for 5 years and still young in my faith. I have understanding and many questions. Thank you!
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  2. You sound like me when I was that young in the Lord! :)
  3. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Bryson

    Enjoy the forum and online Christian fellowship

    He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.
    Isaiah 40:11
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  4. welcome brother Bryson glad you are here look forward to fellowship with you
  5. Welcome to the forums @Bryson!

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