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First Impressions

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by BeneathRainbow, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Don't let my name used2believe put you off talking to me. I am a man who along time ago was a christian, although even i sometimes doubt my conversion after hearing other peoples thoughts. Through a combination of circumstances and decisions i made i gave up my salvation ( if i ever had it). I am now looking at christianity again and want to learn.
    If you see me please chat, listen but more importantly offer to pray with me.
    Thank you
  2. very nice put used2 :love: God bless you and refresh you :love: Welcome again officially to TalkJesus :love: Good to see you here :love:
  3. welcome to talk jesus! i've spoken to you already! :) ill talk to you again if i see you around!
  4. Hi used2, we've also spoken, but welcome to TalkJesus. I look forward to talking to you again. :shade:
  5. Hi! Sunshine 307. Nice to meet you.....I'm looking forward in talking to you too...
  6. Heh! Peeps....sooo happy you joined.....
  7. hi Holygirl :love: Welcome to TalkJesus :love: Thank you for joining us :love: God bless you and protect you :love:
  8. Used-to-believe - Hello and welcome. You say you gave up your salvation. I think that that depends on how truly earnest you were when you first surrendered your life to Jesus.
    I cannot judge the sincerety of your surrender. Only you and God can do that.

    Jesus told the disciples (and we who follow Him today) that they would be "fishers of men" (LK 5:10). I vividly remember a teaching I heard years ago on that theme. The speaker said that when we ask Jesus to take control of our lives, we "take the bait" that has been offered (the Gospel). As a fish usually takes the bait and runs, so we also " run" back in the direction of doing our own thing, being independent of others, wanting our own way, etc. When we are finished running, we allow the line to go slack. We're too tired to fight any more. At that moment, the Divine Fisherman pulls back on His pole, sets the hook in our mouth so that we no longer have a chance to throw it, and reels us into The Body of Christ.

    When I was approximately thirteen years of age, I gave my life to the Lord. I was really sincere at that moment. But, it wasn't long before the works of the devil resurfaced in my life and I pulled away from God. When I was 46 and a very active alcoholic, God pulled back on the pole, set the hook in my mouth, reeled me in and I fell in love with Him.

    Though I don't know you, I have a feeling that my story parallels yours. Think about it.
    I believe that, spiritually, you are worn out; you've stopped fighting. And now the Divine Fisherman is bringing you in to join the Body of Christ permanently.

    "I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and they know Me. just as my Father knows Me and I know My Father (intimately)." (John 10:14).

    I hope to meet you in live chat soon.

    God bless you.
  9. Hi used2believe....welcome & praise God for sending you here. I so appreciate your honesty & the gentle manner in which you presented your situation. I prayed for you just now that the Spirit of Truth will prevail in your life & that you will be sensitive to the softening of your heart. All throughout Proverbs we are told to "get wisdom, get understanding"....God will honor that you are doing what Scripture has told us to do.

    Spiritleded gave you a wonderful answer - very God inspired. Please continue to ask questions...ask specifically & know that we are praying for you.

    I will tell you that I was saved when I was about 11 years old. I say about because my childhood was marked with much abuse & so many events are a blur...specific dates are things I have real problems with. However, God put His Hand on me then & never took it off no matter that I didn't have any teaching, knew nothing of what the Bible said, had no one to mentor me or "train me up". I fell deep into sin for years. But God is merciful & I was His...still am His & will be unless I willfully walk away.

    Can you explain specifically what you mean by "gave up on your salvation"? I say this with love...please understand that God is not a bookshelf God. We can't "try Him on for size" & then put Him away with the seasons. Not if we want to be serious - which I feel that you do.

    Keep coming back - you will connect & bond with some of us because we pray for divine appointments & that is what you are. God is gracious & He will lead you to understanding as long as you are willing.
  10. hey used to i see that you figured out my girlie directions lol... nice to have you here God bless you Joyfully ~ Jlu
  11. Hey used2believe I am a fledgling in christ so I am not as attuned to some of those here are but i am Glad you have come here to fellowship with us and i hope to see you in chat . May Gods love rain down on you and may He give you the path in which to walk in his righteousness.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Robert- NEWLIFE4EVER
  12. hello I am glad to meet you I am also new
  13. SpiritLedEd, that analogy you gave does seem very apt, I feel like one very tired fish. Perhaps the time for fighting the fisherman is almost over. Thank You
  14. Sapphire, when i say i gave up my salvation what i mean is that i made a decision not to follow Jesus and his ways, it was not as if I just slipped away. Unfortunately we all have to live with the consequences of the choices we make in life.
  15. Very true...we do have to live with the circumstances of our decisions.

    May I ask why you are asking questions now? I say this because the Holy Spirit tugs at our hearts in a very gentle way & that may be what is happening now. If you truly walked away from Jesus, it would not be something you cared to question. It sounds as if God is beckoning you - I will be praying that your heart will hear what is being said & will be tender to receive.
  16. Whatever is moving me is certainly VERY gentle, possibly like many soft threads manouvering me, but in a way that I can break free at any time. I thank you for your prayers. :rainbow:
  17. hey U2B

    welcome 2 Tj

    im glad that u can share ur thoughts wif us... maybe that will lead us to learn something off u??

    im glad that you joined this site, an if i c u in chat... ill offer 2 pray with ya man!!

    God Bless!
  18. You are so sweet, Aimz. Bless you.
  19. ((WELCOME! used2believe to TALK-JESUS.))

    ((WELCOME!used2believeto TALK-JESUS.))

    We are a spiritual home, a safe haven, grounded in Scripture and centered in life, where we are nurtured and challenged in our journey of faith. We welcome all people to join us in worship and prayer, and in joyful service to the community that we are here.

    We invite all people to become part of our Talk-JESUS family.We are a warm and accepting community which actively welcomes newcomers, provides hospitality to visitors, seeks to help all become involved in our fellowship, and responds with Christ’s love to their pastoral needs.

    We are a congregation that reaches outward into the community around us and inward into our own congregation in the name of Christ to offer assistance and or direction to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially children in need.

    Come and join us now in Christ's Warmth, Acceptance, & Caring! AMEN

    In of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD, the ONLY begotten Son of GOD.

    About Talk Jesus:

    Talk Jesus is an online church, a body of believers that gather to fellowship, praise and worship our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, GOD Himself. It is not about debating Scripture for Scripture is the infallible Word of GOD. It is Truth from Almighty GOD, the Alpha and the Omega. The power of Scripture, aka Truth speaks for itself so their is no opinion of man or debate among them that may, could or shall disturb the Way of Truth.

    Talk Jesus forums is not meant to be a replacment of your local church but a replacement of any online ungodly place that satan may lead you to. Talk Jesus is a site that has one main purpose. Glorify GOD. Within that purpose comes preaching the Gospels, the Truth to the saved to build up their faith, the unsaved to reach their hearts with the love of Christ so that they may be saved by the grace of GOD through Jesus Christ.

    Talk Jesus is a temporary earthly home for us believers to gather together as THE BODY OF CHRIST and do the Father's will on earth as it is done in Heaven, before the glorious second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    God bless you all!

    Your Brother in Christ,



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  20. You just described the Holy Spirit very accurately. Very gentle, but to where you can break away at any time. Remember that you are given a free will....God is speaking to you, but will not beat you over the head. You can either accept or not. His desire is so great that you do accept, but He wants you to come freely to Him. He will not "drive" you to accept Jesus....only gently nudge.

    I pray that you do accept everlasting salvation. That is what Jesus died for. It is a gift freely offered....your's for the taking. But take it wholeheartedly...genuinely & thankfully. Accept it with open hands - you don't have to grasp it. It is to be held tenderly & closely.

    I have a burden for that has just moved me to tears in praying for you. I say this not to uplift me, but to show you HOW MUCH GOD CARES FOR YOU. He will use us to minister to one another & he has chosen to bring you here for that. I thank Him for the privilege of praying for you - He is trusting me to lift you up. That is awesome....that is a freedom.....THAT IS GOD.

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