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Fire of Darkness

I used to be an addict and alcoholic. My life was turned completely to sin and joy was not a common understanding. I wrote this when I came to Christ so I could remind myself of pain in my heart......

This time the sun was out when the darkness came. It walked down the street and gave no name. It relied on my will when it turned my soul. I gave it willing, while it chilled to the bone.
No one was in sight, though the streets were full. The darkness swallowed me intact and whole. To the prison I went, following like a lamb. My soul was to be slaughtered for who I am.
Two days passed, as darkness ripped and torn. My masculine soul, never to be reborn. Leaving me empty from life itself. Weeks will pass before I am myself.
This has to stop before it is too late. The darkness is still waiting at the gate. I need to be in control of these monstrous deeds. For darkness has touched me, will I ever be free.
New life bleeds in my soul once again. A new promise of salvation, will it mend. Leave me darkness and hope of no return. Because even in sunlight your fire will burn. NP
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that was incredible!! i used to be an alcohlic and an addict to. Ialso overcame some other heavy issues. Now i feel like nothing is impossible and i am now a warrior for jesus..He has made me so strong and happy praise jesus!!and god bless you i hope that many others will overcome and rise above these worldly chains
Thanks Witty.
Jesus does overcome many challenges for us. I'm glad you like it. I have lots more. Not so much in poem form. Just writings. I hope you are well. God bless.
God's Rescue, I love your signature line. It reminded me that when I am worshipping God & am drawn to dance before Him....I feel as if Jesus has just become my dance partner. It's awesome.
Thank you for your thoughts on my line sapphire. I'm glad you liked my poem. I don't do much with poetry, but I do write. I working on a prayer book to be published, hopefully & keep your fingers crossed, at Chritianpublishing.com. I have a ways to go on it still but it is over half way done. God be with you.