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Finding Godly Friends to hang out/around with?

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by bmcneal076, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Hey family, I been having trouble lately? Why are the righteous so scarce and why aren't there people my age I'm 28, that I can hang with?
  2. Hi @bmcneal076

    Are you in a remote area or are your socially isolated?

    Help us to understand a little more clearly if you may
  3. most good church have great life groups with young people who love Jesus very much, I amazed at the one at my church very inspirational.
  4. First welcome to Talk Jesus my Brother in Christ Jesus!
    Hope TJ will help until God moves some of His Children, your Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus to where you might find fellowship. Until then, pray for those He will being into your life. That they may be helpful in your walk with the Lord. Supportive, to you, as you'll be helpful to them in growing & together rejoicing in Him!

    Keep in mind that this time in the world like others, that God loving/fearing people don't always make themselves known. As others have mentioned here. Where one lives, church one goes to, etc. can greatly effect how one can find others of the same age, who also believe as one does.

    If church or connections to find similar aged folks isn't or doesn't seem to happen with you. Sometimes through volunteer work one can find like minded individuals. The folks that are out partying, or who feel the need to imbibe in order to have fun, are the norm in many places, aren't necessarily the ones volunteering to help others in need on there off time. Also, provides you the opportunity to be a witness! This will also draw others to you.

    Our God is generous in many ways, and providing fellowship for you is not beyond Him to do for you. So, add this to your list for the next conversation you have with Him. Let Him know, even though He already knows :) but is looking for you to ask. What you're looking for. You might be surprised!

    Praying that you may find the fellowship you seek.
    Once again be welcome to Talk Jesus Brother Neal!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  5. Thanks everyone, who responded. I'm not really good at making or keeping friends unfortunetly.
  6. You could shift your perspective a little. Think less about making and keeping friends, consider more how to be and stay a friend. I am sure there are many people who would really appreciate your friendship.
  7. Keep praying and I'm sure God will send you new friends - sometimes its a matter of which church God leads you to so just be open, and if you already in a good home church try being a friend to those already there.

    I made some good friends through a community garden. Find out whats happening in your neighbourhood. Friends that are also neighbours are closer!

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