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Finding Carolina

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. A friend of mine asked me "Was it worth it? Was it worth loving her?"

    She always knew she was my angel, the day to my night/ I saw the shadow of her wings when the light would shine right/ I would tightly grab her hands and never quite understand/ why our promised land was a castle in the sand/ but when her nights would bite lonely and leave a tear in her eye/ I'm the guy who whispered softly, "Carolina, you can fly..."

    I just found out
    Carolina died
    a one-way ticket
    on a one-way ride
    She took her own life
    from deep inside
    Pain is just another name
    for suicide

    She would always run and hide inside the room that makes the rain/ and then she'd call me and confide a lie that she could not explain/ Contain your raw emotion, kid, go and slow your mind/ Yesterday is far away, don't let today fall behind/ So I'd go and pick her up just so she could feel alive/ and as she'd jump into the car, she'd say "Drive...just drive..."

    Just to escape
    Carolina liked the highs
    Running far away
    and yet toward her own demise
    Freedom by the spoonful
    her arms accept the lies
    but I still saw life
    behind those cold grey eyes

    I needed her far more than I needed breath/ and the closer she got to dying it was I who cried for death/ See, as she was craving peace, I was craving what could be/ She always said I couldn't save her, but she was really saving me/ In-between the highs and lows...the blooming, wilted rose/ I would spend my life defending her, because that's the way love goes

    Spin the needle
    I remember each track
    Brown Sugar plays
    A crisscross heart attack
    Her final sleep rigged
    my heroine fades to black
    but yeah, it was worth it
    because Carolina loved me back

    Inside pocket of her coat
    she left a little note...

    Dear Michael...It's a new day with a brand new dawn/ and I think I gotta tell ya that I must be movin' on/ My heart screams and it seems it's torn apart at the seams/ Think of me and smile, there's no shame in bad dreams/ I've asked for forgiveness of a past I can't outrun/ so I'll spread my wings and fly to the valley of the sun...I love you...
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