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Financial Background

I am concerned about a test in financial area as a career transition, whereas I am lack of fundamental knowledge of financial affairs. I wonder if there are some people here with financial background can help me with it. We can go in deep conversation about this. Thanks.
Dear brother, pls tell me what is your exact question? I am no expert but through the Holy Spirit, will share with you my testimony and biblical thoughts.

God Bless U
I am going to take a at least 3 years chartered tests while still doing my current work. The study and tests process will be long, hard and quite expensive. I made this decision after a long period of thinking and talking with God. It's another big transition for me after my faith conversion. I have confidence to deal with it, I know God be with me, as always. But still, I know I don't have adequate fundamentals and proof (in the world) to tell me that I will succeed.
David overcomed his fabulous enemies on faith of God. I think I should do as he did. Without God, I can do nothing to my future. With God throught faith, I can do everything God want me to do. I prayed and know firmly this transition is the grace from God. I know I still have worries, fears, tension and even dread to the unknownable future. However, I know that power of God emerges throught these. I will do what God tell me and walk with Him.

You are studying for a Chartered Accounting test? What kind of help are you looking for?