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New Additions

- favorite smilies
You can now select what smilies to show up automatically in the text editor's smiley box on the right side. You can go to your user control panel and you'll find the link on the left column menu. There is also a yellow smiley star icon on the top right of the text editor as well which takes you directly to your control panel. There are several dozen smilies altogether. You can choose which ones you like most and use most often. This is convenient so you do not have to click the 'more' link and view the pop-up window.
- security enhancement
I've added a system that enables me to view more information about member's IP address. This allows me to better prune out trouble makers. Works very well.
- forum home page enhancement
On the home page, bottom in the "who is online" section you will now see that the members and moderators are distinguishable from each other. This is nicer and better layout. Its easier for members to quickly contact a moderator as well. Also, just looks nicer over all.
- quiz system
In the future, you will be able to take online bible quizzes. I will be adding a few dozen quizzes which will be categorized as well. This is a great addition for sake of learning more about the Bible and edification. Good for the kids as well.
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