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Few Improvements / Additions

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Tweaking a little here and there.

    The menu drop down in the top right (your name, email icon and alert flag icon) are now more readable. I removed the opacity and increased the font a slight bit. Cleaner, easier on the eyes.

    Added a preview button to the quick reply editor. You no longer have to press the more button to get to the preview function.

    There is a full, searchable bible too. Click the Bible menu tab. Courtesy of Biblia. Translation options also.
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  2. I am not sure where abouts to go to ask this question but it has been ages since I was last on here, how do you get to chat to people?
  3. It's more practical and easy to go about... Your work is commendable @Chad. Keep up!
  4. Click on the Chat menu tab up top.

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