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Feb. 19th Someone has already been fired for refusing the COVID vaccine

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"... A waitress at a New York City eatery has been given her walking papers after she declined to be vaccinated, citing concerns over whether or not the shot might affect her fertility. (NY Post) " Someone has already been fired for refusing the COVID vaccine

I'm not all that surprised.
In the early part of the 20th century a federal law was passed making it possible for the federal government to mandate vaccinations. This after a small pox plague struck the Northeast in 1901. In 1905 the supreme court declared the small pox vaccine could be made compulsory to prevent the spread. This wasn't exclusive to small pox, but to any virus deemed a threat to public safety.

I don't think government is going to do that with this Covid-19 vaccine. I think they know that the fear that has been propagated to surround this virus is enough that people in the public domain will make it compulsory on their own. Business owners, local government, etc...
Though I do believe we will eventually see a mandate for the vaccine by the federal government as pertains to air travel. No vaccine, no flight.

While in the private sector, local government or employers ultimatum. No vaccine, no job. No vaccine, no entry into retail businesses.

Is this the mark of the beast?
Staff Member
@Cactus Kitten
Dear CK,
As far as the firing is concerned. The vaccine doesn't guarantee that you won't get COVID-19, so ultimately its all about checking a box on a piece of paper when employers state you have to get the vaccine to keep your job. I see a lawsuit in the future against this business, and any other that decides to implement this type of policy against their employees.

As far as your question about this being the Mark of the Beast. I don't believe it is, but we did have a thread on that very subject not too long ago. Maybe, one of the participants of it can point you in that direct, or they can start the discussion again. :)

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Thank you for your post. :) I agree there will be lawsuits in future if employers mandate the vaccine. Especially when there is so much information from medical professionals that refer to this as genocide.
When nurses are refusing the vaccine I think that is something to pay attention to.

God Bless,