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Fear of failure

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Hello. I think that many people might be struggling with the fear of failure. I am writing this to tell you my own experience of what is helping me to overcome, because I am the one that often feels in such a way. I am also writing to those who have experienced the love of God and feel in such a way.

Many times I feel God is telling me to do things for Him and I feel discouraged because there is a fear of failure in this. And many times this can paralyze us. Then I understood that God actually doesn't look at our success but at our attitude on doing something. Many times we don't do something because we fear that we won't succeed or do it in a perfect way. And I fear that I won't achieve the normative, I won't get to the level and I block. But God actually doesn't look at that. Sometimes we can even lose. He doesn't care if we are going always to win. Important is to do what we have to, to take a step towards.

Many times we can also lose in our sight but be winners in His. The people today want always to be first, to succeed in every area, to do perfect. When we see that and we see our selves weak or incapable we fear. And I am not speaking about our own things or purposes, but what is a will of God, what He places in us to do. It might be to approach someone and give him the good news or do whatever is having to do with God. We can see the parable of the ten talents in Matthew 25:14-30. In verse 24 speaks about the man who, after having received one talent, hid it in the ground. I see myself in that character, having one talent. Now, why does it give an example with the one having received one talent and doesn't for example speak about the one with two or five that they hid them? Was it something wrong that he had one talent? No, he had an opportunity as they did. This is the síndrome of the one having a little or thinking to have little. " I can't, I won't, I am too weak, I am not like them I have a little." I think he was scared of a failure. That's why he didn't invest his talent. But that is worse than failing.

God is looking at our attitude in doing something, not at the outcome or better said He will worry for the outcome. We must just take a step. How many people won't take a step won't make a compromise with Christ because they think they will fail. And they maybe will! But that's the point. That the victory is not ours but His. When we want to make it ours then we do mistake. Anyway I think that even doing mistakes but investing his one talent he was going to make his master happy. And I think that He can use our mistakes and turn them into something beautiful. But this is for those who are called, who take the steps. Romans 8:28
Let just not be because we hid it underground. Even the one Talent is important in the kingdom. David killed Goliath with a small stone.

"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37

And "He who finds his life will lose it, and He who LOSES his life for my sake will find it." In our eyes we might be losing but in His we can be winning. The people today want to always to win but in their own way, not in God's way. Important for us is to obey, not to win ( in our way ) and get the glory. So if you belong to Him and you've got something in your heart be courageous.

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