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Fear God

Discussion in 'Sermons' started by femi akinbiyi, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. fear God
    Revelation 16:21
    21 And great drops of ice, every one about the weight of a talent, came down out of heaven on men: and men said evil things against God because of the punishment of the ice-drops; for it is very great.
    Evil have greatly increased in this present age at an alarming proportion that one might wonder if God really exist or he existed and left the world under the whims and caprices of satan from the time adam transfered his authority till this present age .satan has been in command of the corrupted wordly systems.politicaly men of the ocult who are strategically located in positions of great influence and affluence are executing satanic agenda worldwide .The entertainment industry is awashed with lyrics that pollute the mind of people with messages of violence and iniquities.Many religion have erupted that have led billions away from the truth into heresy.Despite all these abnormalities,God never failed to revealed the truth in the bible.Those who accepted the truth are free from the wrath of God that is imminent upon this corrupted age.Those who refuse will face divine judgements which are series of punishments that will herald the second coming of jesus christ which will bring about the end of this corrupt world.The impact made by these punishments are so massive to the extent that every man living on earth will be greatly affected by it.Men will be so much afriaid that they will scamper for safety in caves.One of such punishment is the dropping of massive ice drops that trigger so much discomfort among men living on earth.Instead of repenting of their evil deeds ,they speak evil against God.Humanity can only escape these great judgements only if they fear God by accepting the truth of his word
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  2. Fear means respect, doesn't mean to be afraid of!

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