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Favorite Christian Songs for Specific Occasions and Times during the Service:

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Sometimes I felt the need for more musical variety. Our traditional service featured "blended worship," which one pastor defined as "something for everyone to be unhappy about" :confusion:--a combination of traditional hymns and modern praise choruses. Ah, but I realized there was another musical genre for me to tap--country Gospel music. One of my favorites that I occasionally injected into our song service is "A Railway to Heaven:"

railway to heaven staler brothers youtube - Bing

For a change of pace, our praise band would lead us in "The Wings of a Dove:

Dolly parton on the wings of a dove youtube - Bing
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The old hymn "Stricken Smitten And Afflicted" to me is very worshipful to Jesus Christ. Speaks to His death and the terrible price for sin. Causes the believer to consider the sins he takes lightly in his life and recognize what they cost Jesus.

Fernando Ortega does a good rendition.


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